Finding a Great Nanny for Your Family: Cultural Considerations

by Christina Taylor

Cultural and ethnic considerations are very important when you are interviewing potential nannies. Before embarking on your search for a great nanny, it is important to get in touch with your own family's values and preferences. This includes your family's cultural identity and ethnic background. For example, your family may be of Jewish heritage, and it may be important for you to find a nanny who comes from the same cultural milieu. On the other hand, your family may be Christian, Buddhist or Muslim, and you may want to hire a nanny who shares in the same religious beliefs and practices.

When you hire a nanny, you are inviting somebody into your home who will become an integral part of your family for an extended amount of time. You may wish to teach your children more about their cultural or religious heritage, whether it be Christian, Jewish or Buddhist. Hiring a nanny who comes from the same cultural and religious background and shares in the same beliefs will help to deepen your children's understanding of their own family's heritage. On the other hand, you may wish to expand your children's horizons by hiring a nanny of a different background.

There are many available nannies in Beverly Hills who are of Latin American or Asian American descent. These nannies may be first generation Americans from Latin America, China or Japan. If your own family is Latin American, Chinese American or Japanese American, you may wish to hire only nannies of similar heritage. In this way, your children will learn more about their own ancestral cultural and language from the nanny you hire. Or you may want your children to learn Spanish, Chinese or Japanese, and a nanny who speaks any of these languages fluently would be a great asset to your children.


Posted Date: 
Monday, August 27, 2012