The Nanny Test

by Christina Taylor

At any time during this test, if a nanny finds it difficult to impossible to refrain from laughing, nodding, or consider #3 a great achievement over all others, the test will be over and the nanny will receive an A+.

You May Succeed as a Nanny if:

1. If a child has ever kicked you in the shins repeatedly during an interview with a parent and you maintained your genuine smile by channeling your inner Donald Duck, you have great potential to succeed as a nanny.

2. If you have ever attempted a Vulcan mind meld or meditation on a child who will not stop asking “why?” when you’ve given the answer 20 times already, we will most likely be able to find the perfect family for you very quickly!

3. If you have ever been mugged by a four year old for all of your change and told yourself you were victorious because you still had a nickel left, you are obviously already well on your way to becoming a great nanny.

4. If you regularly imagine that you are undercover, waiting for a briefing from Perry the Platypus, we are sure children love you to bits!

5. If you believe The Land Before Time movies can teach a child any lesson that may be necessary to teach, no matter what the child’s age, you might well succeed as a nanny.

6. If you find you are able to carry on a full conversation with a toddler, but are at a loss for words with adults, you are extremely well positioned to succeed as a nanny, and should give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back!

End of test

Working with children is no easy task. A nanny must be patient, caring, quick witted, and above all else, a nanny must be able to laugh. Children are the most precious asset to every family and the most unpredictable entity anyone will ever encounter. Every day is a new adventure.

Posted Date: 
Saturday, May 26, 2012