Weighing Daycare Against the Personal Care of a Nanny

by Christina Taylor

There are often many options to consider when families are seeking childcare solutions in Los Angeles. While daycare has been a popular alternative for many working parents, there is a growing trend toward hiring nannies in Los Angeles. There are many factors that have influenced this trend, and there are many considerations with respect to all childcare options.

Many parents have preferred daycare centers over the years because it was the prevalent option for professional care. Children have the opportunity to interact with other children, providing social engagement that many parents value. This is also a reason for parents deciding against choosing a daycare center, in many cases. Socialization isn’t always positive, and when children are exposed to poor behavior, they often learn to use similar behaviors. Nannies provide the opportunity for children to be cared for individually without exposure to unwanted behaviors.

Because there are so many children in a traditional daycare setting, personalized attention is often limited. When parents decide to hire professional nannies, they are investing in very personal care and attention. There is an assurance that your child’s needs won’t be ignored because the caregiver is overworked.

Exposure to large numbers of children increases the opportunity for a youngster to be exposed to illnesses. Parents who choose nannies are providing their youngsters with a more protected environment. Limiting contact with sick children allows your child a better chance at staying healthy. This is especially important if your child has struggled with illness in their early years.

Many parents enjoy the routine that a daycare center provides. However, there is limited flexibility within such a system. Nannies, however, can provide children with a greater range of activities and outings. Your nanny can take the kids to the park for an afternoon, or to a museum, or to a favorite restaurant. There are many fun possibilities that aren’t available in a care center. For the children, the experience can be is less confining and more enriching.

Utilizing a daycare facility requires a great deal of organization on the part of a parent. Diapers and pull ups must be provided routinely. Lunches and bottles must follow strict guidelines. Potty training is required on the facility’s terms. Hiring professional nannies, a parent is essentially extending the family, allowing an individual to adjust to the family’s routine. Your nanny works into your schedule and assists with can issues like potty training and meal preparation.

For many parents, the decision to hire a nanny in Los Angeles is based on the personalized needs of the child and family. Investing in this individualized care can be safer and healthier for your youngsters. You are investing in professional care and personal attention that simply can’t be matched in a mass care facility.


Posted Date: 
Monday, July 2, 2012